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At Gallerix we offer a wide selection of photo art prints. Posters with photo art are a timeless classic where the photographer's work is taken into focus. Whether it is a nature photo, a portrait, a city view or animal photo, it is the photographer's ability to capture that special moment that creates what we call photo art. And no gallery wall is complete without photo art.

Posters with Art Photographs

Posters with photography art

Photo art, also called photography art, is one of our biggest and most popular poster categories. Photo art is beautiful pictures taken by photographers where the motif is unique and mediates a specific feeling that touches the viewer in a way that a normal photo won’t. Photo art is basically just normal photography, but where the contrast, details, depth of field, nuances, saturation, angles, expression and motif together makes the picture unique and lifts it above a normal photo, making it art. What really should be considered photo art is a widely discussed subject in many art circles.

Black and white photo art

Posters with black and white photography is a timeless interior design trend. Black and white photo art fits most homes and black and white photo art is also easy to combine with posters from other categories and posters in color. This makes them a given in every trendy gallery wall. Combine photo posters with one of our text posters to create contrast and give your gallery wall some balance.

Photo art as an art form

In the last few years, photo art has become an enormous decorating trend and a large part of the explanation as to why lies in the fact that the concept of photo art is incredibly wide. Photography posters, meaning photo art, is everything from beautiful landscapes and animal photography to detailed close-ups of flowers and plants, or photographic portraits, photos of architecture and photos in unique surroundings. The world’s first colored photo was shot by James Clerk Maxwell in the year 1861, but photography as art only started growing in the 1900s, when both art and documentary photography became accepted in the western art world. While camera techniques have developed, possibilities within art photography also grew.

Frame your photo art

We print all of our photo art posters on a 200 gram matte paper of the highest quality. Our photo art posters are available in size 21x30, 30x40, 50x70 and 70x100 cm. Combine them with our stylish wooden or metal picture frames, available in black, white, solid oak, gold, silver or copper.