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Gallerix does always take customer commitments seriously. This includes handling of customer information. Gallerix follows current rules set to protect personal information by European authorities. How such information is handled by Gallerix stated in terms and conditions on this website.


1. When do we collect personal information?
We will only ask for your email address in such case:

1. If you purchase from this website
2. If you want to take part of a contest
3. If you want to contact us, send us an email or get answers to a message
4. If you want Gallerix to send you an email about news and exclusive offers
We will only collect personal information and company information with your approval.


2. How do we use the information?
To handle your order we must have access to some information such as credit card information and billing address, This information will only be used to administer your order and your use of this website.

You decide whether to give out more personal information. We collect personal information to make sure you can sign in to our website, to send you emails about updates and news, to answer questions and for you to be able to access certain functions of this website.


3. Your consent
We send you emails about updates of this website. If you do not want these emails you must choose not to receive any emails from us.


4. How do I choose not to get any emails?
You can always choose if you want emails sent from us or not.

Our policy is that a user whenever he wants to, must be able to cancel newsletters sent by Gallerix. This option can be set in "My account". You can also send us an email asking us to cancel the newsletter.

If you have asked us not to send you anymore emails, but still receive emails, this can be due to cancelling was made from a different email address.


5. Who handles personal information?
Gallerix (and employees and companies hired by Gallerix) administers and uses information given by customers, to answer customer questions and to improve products and services.

Gallerix never gives out personal information to third party, except to authorized partners for credit card- and payment services needed to carry through payments.

Otherwise Gallerix never give out any customer information to third party without you permission, except when law demands.

We never sell any customer information to third parties.

Registered customers does always have the right to demand extraction of database data to control what information Gallerix possess about him or her. Registered customer can demand to have his data deleted.


6. Using cookies
Gallerix uses cookies to improve customer service. A cookie is a collection of data that a website saves on your computer through your browser. Cookies can only be read by the website it was created by. Cookies contain no information such as phone number, email or contact information.


7. How do we protect your personal information?
Gallerix has high standards set to secure internal processes. These standards are also applied to third parties in use of our website. All transfer of personal data is encrypted via SSL or equivalent. All passwords saved by customers are saved encrypted in our databases.


8. Links to other websites
On our website you find links to other websites. We take no responsibility for the content of other websites run by other companies. If you visit another website, please read current terms and conditions of that particular website.


9. Changes to terms and conditions
All updates and changes of our terms and conditions will be published here.

If Gallerix decides to make extensive changes of terms and conditions, you will be notified before these changes take effect.


10. Is there something else I should know about?
Except for above written case, Gallerix does not give out personal information to third parties if not required by law.

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