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Receipt history

The receipt is a valuable document that is easy to misplace. We save your order history so you can easily access it if necessary, for example regarding returns, withdrawal or guarantees. Your order history will only be saved for a period of time consistent with GDPR.

Member Offers

Get access to special offers before anyone else. Through our newsletter, you get faster access to news and promotions as well as priority access to the discount campaigns.

Member Pricing

As a member of Gallerix we offer member discounts on selected items. Member discounts are automatically activated and will automatically appear when you sign in to the website.


As Gallerix Member you can participate in one of our contests and win great prizes. Get involved and vote on favorite prints in new collections to automatically take part in contets and compete for great prizes.

Plant trees for the environment

We support the organization OneTreePlanted. Together we plant new trees to help clean the air we breathe by absorbing carbon dioxide and produce fresh oxygen. For each person registered as a Gallerix Member, we plant a tree somewhere in the world.

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