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Sanna Wieslander Posters Posters
Sanna Wieslander

Sanna Wieslander Posters

Here you will find a careful selection of posters with unique art created by the Swedish artist Sanna Wieslander, who draws all her motifs by hand.

Posters by Sanna Wieslander

Posters with motifs created by Sanna Wieslander

Sanna Wieslander works as an artist and illustrator. She is passionate about all things creative in life and has had a pen in her hand since she was a small child. She creates all her unique motifs by hand in a detailed pencil style. Discover her unique collection where animals are often a recurring theme.

The artist Sanna Wieslander

Sanna Wieslander works as an artist and illustrator and since 2013 has mainly worked with illustrating motifs for posters. In recent years, she has also furthered her education as a gilder, decorative painter and surface finisher. Today, she lives her dream and works with everything from illustrations to gilding and traditional decorative painting.