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The intelligent picture hook

The intelligent picture hook

Bold Picture Hook is a Swedish-developed product suitable for all types of picture frames and walls intended for art and photos. The unique design gives incredible flexibility and it makes it quick and easy to hang paintings, even on walls made of really hard materials. All you need is a hammer, no other more advanced tools.

BOLD Picture Hook set of 2pc

Benefits with the BOLD Picture hook:

  • Suitable for all types of frames and walls
  • Super fast mounting
  • No need to screw, plug or drill
  • Leaves minimal marks on the wall


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Attaches to all types of walls
Each picture hook has ground steel nails that are easily driven into either concrete, wood or plaster using only a standard hammer. The properties of the steel nails mean that the hook can be used even where conventional nails are not normally sufficient, for example in hard concrete walls. In addition, the nails, which are no more than 1.2mm thick, leave minimal marks on the wall. This avoids large screw holes or damage that needs to be repaired the day it's time to move a painting.

Bold Picture hook for all kinds of walls

Attaches to all types of walls

Fits all kinds of frames
There are thousands of variations of frames, but Bold Picture Hook is suitable for most. Depending on the design and size of the frame, you can choose to either hang your painting on the Bold Picture Hook directly on the frame, using the frame's existing brackets where available, or with picture wire. The picture hook's shelf bracket fits the vast majority of frame brackets and the hook's optimum depth means that the frame hangs right up against the wall without any gaps in the sides.

Easy to mount
With the Bold Picture Hook, there is no need to screw, use plugs or pre-drill. It takes no more than a few seconds to hang a painting on the wall. Concrete walls are usually the most difficult to hang paintings on, but with the Bold Hook even these can be done with just a hammer, even by the most novice installer.

Unique features
The Bold Picture Hook is made of a highly impact-resistant but flexible thermoplastic with properties that allow it to withstand high loads without cracking. The ground steel nails attach to all common types of walls, except glass and tiles, and the design of the picture hook ensures that it hangs firmly against the wall even with a heavy load. On the front, the Bold Hook is provided with a relief, an elevation in the front of the hook, with a measurement scale in centimetres and inches to facilitate adjustment of the position during mounting. Small indentations in the side of the hook make it easy to get in behind and remove it from the wall again.


BOLD Picture hook in profile

Bold Picture Hook

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