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How to build a gallery wall

How to build a gallery wall

Creating your own gallery wall can be challenging. On the one hand, the size of the picture wall should suit the chosen room and the frames should hang straight and neat in a well thought-out constellation. Combining different sizes of frames and creating a neat gap between them can be difficult and there are many details to consider to create a good look. Join us as we guide you through the process of creating the perfect gallery wall!

So how do you build a gallery wall?

1. Planning
Start off with a good plan. Before building your gallery wall, you need to know how much of your wall will be covered, what size of frames you’re going to use, how many frames you’re going to use and what space you want between each frame. A good idea is to draw on a piece of paper and test out different solutions that you might like and think will work for your home.

2. Budgeting
Buying one single poster or frame is relatively cheap, but when you need a larger amount, the costs will quickly rise. Set a budget for your gallery wall so that you’ll keep track of your costs from the very beginning.

3. Find out all the important measurements
Measure how much space you have on your wall. How wide can the gallery wall be, and how tall? Your space might have limitations, but it can also create possibilities. When you know more or less how much space you have, you may use one of our templates for gallery walls to easily choose a ready constellation you like and that will fit your space perfectly. All of our templates have clear measurements showing the width and height of your gallery wall. 

4. Adapt to your space
Size after space. A big room gives space for a big gallery wall, a small room has less space for a gallery wall. The bigger the room, the more wall space, and you can give each frame more space to breathe. 

5. Find the right color bala
Start from wall color and furniture. Make sure your choice of frames and posters harmonizes with your wall color and other furniture. A good tip is to choose two to three colors to start with. This will make it easy to ensure that you get the combination of posters to interact both with each other and with the surroundings, and you'll avoid the result becoming cluttered.

6. Choose motifs!
Now for the fun part – choosing wonderful motifs! In Gallerix's range of posters you'll find something for every taste and style and the choices are almost endless. Dare to vary and combine different types of motifs, but try to keep a common thread running through your choices. One category that is easy to work with is black and white posters, which can easily be combined with color posters from other categories such as abstract, nature or photo art. A good tip is to also select a number of text posters that break up the mass of photos in a good way.

Good luck!