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Made Famous

Iconic photos

In the category of iconic photos we present photos taken by famous photographers and classic and new photos of famous people that over the years have made a great impression on their surroundings. Several prints in this category are labeled with "Premium Selection" which shows that they are among our most exclusive and unique posters, especially selected for their conscious design and high quality.

Posters with Celebrities

Posters with celebrities

At Gallerix you will find a wide range of iconic photographs featuring celebrity photos. A careful selection of photos taken by established and well-known photographers, as well as photographs and portrait photos of timeless icons and celebrities. Choose one of our iconic posters when you want to create a retro, vintage and chic feeling when you style your walls and decorate your home. Our vintage portraits, often posters in black and white, are timeless classics that elevate your interior regardless of style!

Iconic photographs

A famous person conveys a feeling and stands for something. It can be an artist, a sports profile, an actor, a fashion icon or a writer. When these are portrayed, the image that the photographer takes often gives a strong impression. As art, therefore, iconic photographs are both a timeless and popular part of our interior design.